Chairs and Shoes…


You know how they say that shoes can make or break an outfit..? Well I believe chairs do the same thing. They are the character of your furnishings. They add the impact and define ‘the style’ of your space. A simple sofa, dining table and coffee table can be placed in a room but it is the dining and occasional chairs that will define its ‘look’. Traditional, modern, art-deco or coastal..all these decors are clearly defined by the choice of your chair.

Do you want them to pop? Using your favourite colour? Place them against a neutral palette and adore them every time they welcome you into the room…


But don’t be fooled, a perfect chair is not just defined on its looks…as with shoes, comfort and functionality is key and with the wide array of choices available you’re sure to find the perfect ones! (chairs I mean!)


Anita x


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