New York…?


I love how real estate agents have latched onto the term ‘New York Style Loft’ as if somehow the use of the word ‘style’ can eliminate the need for it to have much resemblance to an actual New York loft at all. I’m just waiting for a bunk-bed to renamed!

The truth is, there aren’t many spaces in the world that are true New York Style Lofts. Originally used as manufacturing spaces, warehouses and storage facilities, New York has proudly converted most of these into trendy residential living spaces. Open, airy, rough and sexy…the exposed bricks, beams and vents all add huge appeal to these once run down spaces. They have also managed to add a hefty ticket to themselves demanding price tags in the millions!



The aesthetic, vibe and sophistication lofts exude is truly something that cannot be imitated. Nor can the same sexiness be felt from any other style of space.

It seems the boys from Million Dollar Listings New York know what they’re talking about!




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