Interior Design Trends 2016: Make it Sustainable

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We have all been hearing about sustainability for a few years and it might have been more present in some of our lives more than others. It is, though, becoming more consistent in various industries and products available to us, more conscious consumers.

It gets particularly evident when giant Fast Fashion companies, such as H&M, that has its business based on short lasting products, launches a campaign to recycle clothes. In a recent project, the brand has launched a line entirely made of recycled materials. The idea is to close the loop for textiles, in which fabrics from unwanted clothes are recycled to turn into new ones. Apart from minimising the waste, the project also minimises the need for virgin sources and similar ideas have been spreading among big retailers.
















In the interior design field, we see this trend developing towards better use of spaces, with more practical and functional products.

space Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.07.00 PM

Here at Camerich, we aim for simple elegance and products that are designed to last, with timeless design.

Modular items can quickly adapt to new atmospheres and sofa changeable covers allow it to be cleaned more easily and efficiently for a longer product life. It also makes atmosphere changes easier and cheaper, once you can have a new sofa by changing its cover for another one with a new fabric and colour, instead of changing a whole product.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.41.02 PM

The sustainable trend is strongly related to the ideas of repurposing, reinventing and reusing, that have slowly become more part of our lives. The quote “buy less, choose well, make it last”, by Vivienne Westwood, says it all.



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