Interior design trends 2016: Retreat, comfort and mobility

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Running opposite to the trend of people over-sharing every coffee and spending several hours of their days on Instagram, Facebook, etc., another trend that is becoming more and more popular is that we are starting to look for places in our home to relax and be comforted.

In exploring that, designers are thinking and presenting new ways of creating cocooning qualities for products, with which we can reconnect with ourselves and be both more ourselves and on our own.

Think intimate lightning, wrap chairs and furniture that encloses you like a safety blanket. Think soft colours that reflect wellbeing to go with it.

chair-blanket-keep-warm-5    constance-guisset-s-dancing-chair-large1

It is also the practical and simple way of life time, with wheels and handles in odd places, giving a sense of mobility, that you can just get up and go anytime. It has to do with the less static lifestyle, where we can leave or change whenever we want and it is about creating products that are flexible and easily adaptable for different purposes. Get ready to enjoy a more practical everyday life with TV racks with wheels, sofas that turn into beds or beds that hide in the walls.

sofa-bedsclever-sofa-bed-system-by-die-collection-krvlolit  hidden-fold-down-bed-design

Image 1: Aga Brzostek’s blanket chair

Image 2: Constance Guisset’s dancing chair

Image 3: Sofa bed system by Die collection

Image 4: No information available

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