Camerich Founder/Visionary, Mr. Fu Hai Jun, has been dabbling in the furniture industry and masterfully creating amazing pieces for as long as he can remember.  In 1997 he courageously opened up his first manufacturing facility, and by 2000 he strategically focused his purpose to target specifically in the modern arena.  His genuine love and passion to create nothing short of perfection is what has propelled the Camerich company to where it is today. Camerich has control over every stage of a products development from design and material selection through to control over the quality craftsmanship. This means the range is continually growing, with the help of the international design team who track trends and respond to consumer demands.

Today Camerich has an impressive global network that spans over 60 countries and regions.  From London, to Sydney, to Seoul, Camerich has made our mark trespassing beyond borders and boundaries.  With 48 stores abroad and 45 franchise stores in China, we are still going strong.  Despite the success, the Camerich mission today remains unwavering in our steadfast commitment to produce quality products with genuine devotion.  At Camerich we don’t design for the sake of designing, we design to create real products for real people.

Camerich Australia opened its doors in 2007 led by an industry professional with more than 25 years experience in furniture manufacturing. The Camerich team is dedicated to providing a bespoke consultations and tailoring our services for each customer’s needs. Our aim is to make the aspirational obtainable. With showrooms all over Australia, our team is dedicated to providing quality products.


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