Good furniture, especially upholstered products require good techniques and craftsmanship. Camerich knows how to and the means to make good furniture. For years, followers of Camerich keep buying our new release pieces to study the craftsmanship techniques. Camerich is continually upgrading techniques and workers skills to ensure we are never short of confidence to lead and place pressure on our competitors.

Camerich uses a variety of traditional and innovative techniques in the production of our pieces, which has helped our leading position. The following are some innovative techniques we use in the production of our pieces:
– Equal-ratio leather sectioning gives the product better visual effect and makes better use of leather. This translates into cost savings which we pass onto our customers.
– Hidden stapling makes the sofa bottom flat and beautiful.
– New painting method brought down the refraction rate by 50%.
– The joint fixing unit used on upholstered products is designed and made exclusively for Camerich.

Camerich is determined to create better and bigger benefits for customers by taking advantage of industrial technology, improving technique and workers skills.

The Materials

Camerich holds high standards for its materials and subsidiary, for the sole purpose of quality guarantee.

Fabrics: Camerich has been engaging itself on the development of fabric-upholstered sofas. Ina the basis of our designer’s analysis on global trends, discussion with suppliers and intensive fabric tests, Camerich offers 70 types of fabric in 24 series. Our fabrics are fully tested, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly to meet customer needs. Some of our fabrics are exclusive to Camerich. All Camerich fabrics have good colourfastness, wear-resistance and show richness in colour, texture, quality and style. This makes our fabric destined to help create unique living spaces for our clients.

Leathers: The leather we use originates from Texas, USA. Designer’s study led to the adoption of Pantone as our standard and the use of the most fashionable and noble colour series. Processing is done in carefully selected factories. Camerich offers 28 types of leathers in 5 grades with a variety of colours. Our leathers are soft and wearable, naturally contouring to your body, giving you unparalleled comfort and natural nobleness.

Hide: Animal hide owns a soft and smooth feel, often used in high-class fashion and luxury products. Camerich uses infant cowhide imported from USA on chairs and pillows to show its low-profiled luxury.

Down: Down is used in the filling of all pillow and some of the cushions. The unique structure of down in capable to adjusting to temperature by absorbing human body heat and keeping cold air out. Down-filled sofas bring you seating comfort, and in the meantime keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Carefully selected down in controlled within 2-4cm length, washed in high temperature, and anti-worms treated. The odorless down is soft, comfortable and rich in value. The cleanliness is above 600mm, exceeding criteria or national standard, guaranteed to provide safe, soft and comfortable seating.

Frame: Some of our sofas are wood-structured, and high-class birch is used to make a string and durable frame. The parts not upholstered such as armrests use imported ash that has a beautiful texture. Select sofas are metal structured with anti-rust treatment.

Wooden Boards: We use honeycomb structure to reinforce the strength and stability of wooden boards, the formaldehyde content of which satisfies European standards. All boards are oak-veneered. The surface painting of the wooden boards goes through 11 processing procedures and the refraction rate is controlled fulfilling the requirement of national standards. The wooden boards are made safe and environmentally friendly.

Hardware: Camerich uses the best hardware from top brands in the world such as Hettich and Oke from Germany, Eka and Vinch from Italy, for the purpose of better stability and durability.

Metals: The steels we use are cold-rolled. The stainless steel is 304 grade and has good anti-corrosion. Camerich metal pipes are high frequency welded with a controlled thickness of 1.2-2mm.
Die casted zinc-alloy legs have good strength providing good stability and security.
The joint between metal parts is either padded or covered to avoid noise out of friction, a consideration and attention to detail that makes the use of furniture pleasant.


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