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As a high-end furniture brand with an international vison, CAMERICH is committed to building a premium “modern lifestyle”.
Since the establishment of the brand, CAMERICH has been holding innovative design as the top priority of its corporate strategy.
Believing in “less is more”, we have embedded the “people-first design principle” into every aspect of our product. At CAMERICH,
we believe that the spiritual value of furniture for human beings lies in the return of soul back to home life. We want to convey an
attitude and a feeling to express our understanding of an elegant life echoes with the unique “HOME IDEA” of every customer. 

CAMERICH provides more than 100 stylish and elegant products in four product lines: the living room series, the bedroom series,
the study series and dining room series. 

As a global brand, CAMERICH has well-established international marketing network that cover major cities across the world,
including Beijing, Shanghai, London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Singapore, and Seoul.